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We offer a variety of services including
Dish Network programming,
state wide dialup internet service,
Greenville wireless high speed internet service,
computer sales, and computer service.
We are bringing the future of communications together.




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Welcome to Access !!

Welcome to AUIS.NET. We are a Greenville based communications company specializing in Dish Network, dialup and wireless highspeed internet,i ndustrial and business networking, home networking, computer sales, and computer service.

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Get Dish Network TV

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Plagued by problems with cable TV? Tired of increasing prices with cable TV?    We can help !  We are your local Dish Network Dealer.     Do you need faster Internet ?    We can install a Via Sat Satellite Internet system any where there is view of the southern sky.  No phone lines required. With speeds up to 10  Mbps  you won't be waiting for that favorite page to open.  Call us for details at 616-225-9915 or email us here